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“I didn’t know what I was missing until I heard it again”

“Finally coming to grips with the stigma that was once carried by wearing hearing aids, and getting them, leads one down a path of rediscovery for the great sense of hearing. Ultimately you know that you should have done something about it years before. ”

Al F.

“I heard violins for the first time.”

“I went from hearing one dimensional music to hearing several dimensions. I can now hear the words in songs. It’s not what I missed before but what I gained!”

Joyce N.

“For the first time in years, I can now go several days without being aware of my tinnitus, and, on the other days, I know I can keep it under control with my Neuromonics device ”

Steve E.

“Thank you for improving my hearing so much that I can now live a normal life.”

“I’m able to be more involved than before. My children were amazed by how much better I can hear.”

Varge H

“Her knowledge made me very comfortable and eased my worries”

“I had severe dizziness with nausea for several months and had seen 6 doctors before I found Dr. Seaborg. She was the only one who knew how to treat my dizziness. When it returned 5 years later, I skipped seeing all the others and went directly back to her for another successful treatment.”

Annette F.

“Dr. Seaborg also provides devices specially designed for musicians.”

“Music is good on my standard program but it sounds like a symphony in the music program. My first hearing aids took me from 0 to2 or 3, the ones I got from Dr. Christina took me to a 10!”

Jim Q.

“I am so excited to be hearing again!!”

“Thanks to all you lovely ladies I had a very pleasant visit and I am getting pink hearing aids! I just feel so blessed and thankful and look forward to hearing with you all….such a different experience from my first hearing instruments already, I just wish I would have known then what I know now but maybe I can help others out by what I have gone through.”

Jerrie O.

“I find Dr Seaburg to be a very professional audiologist.”

“She is punctual and takes time to review and explain our needs. I highly recommend her.”

Mario P.

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Why Wait?

You don’t have to live with hearing loss

Why Wait?

You don’t have to live with hearing loss