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“In 2009 my long-time audiologist sold his business to a national chain, and the quality of service immediately went down. When I needed new hearing aids in 2011, I decided to look for a new audiologist and found Dr. Christina Seaborg (AuD, University of Florida) on Angie’s List. She tested my specific hearing impairment, which is loss of high frequency hearing, and recommended a different technology of hearing aid (frequency compression) rather than the type I had been using (volume amplification). I’ve been using the new hearing aids for a year, and they work much better for my particular type of hearing loss. During the past year, Dr. Seaborg has been very helpful with fine tuning the technical settings to optimize the benefits of the new hearing aids.

My hearing loss of high frequencies is severe. Even with the new hearing aids, I often misunderstand consonants such as f, c, p, and t. For example, Dr. Seaborg asked me if I used the caption feature on the television, and I had to ask her, “What is a caption.”

Dr. Seaborg recently explained to me and my wife that when I incorrectly hear a word in the middle of a sentence, my brain tries to interpret that word and doesn’t focus on the remainder of the sentence. Subsequently, the speaker gets frustrated because it appears to them that I stopped listening to what they were saying. Until Dr. Seaborg explained what was happening, it really did appear that I was tuning out the speaker, which obviously was very irritating to both the speaker and me.

Now that I understand what happens when I misunderstand a word, I follow Dr. Seaborg’s advice by repeating the sentence up to the word that I misunderstood. That way, the speaker realizes that I’m not ignoring them, which minimizes the irritation and keeps the conversation going.
These are examples of the incredible service you get from Dr. Seaborg. I highly recommend her for those with hearing impairment.”

Sincerely, Larry B Charlotte, NC

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