Video Testimonials

Dr. Seaborg really took care to understand my hearing and the issues that I had and tailor the technology. I don’t think I’ve heard this well in years.

Excited To Be Back in the Mainstream

Dr. Seaborg is a knowledgeable professional who will identify your needs and address them.

So happy with the experience!

Better hearing after switching to Dr. Seaborg.

Going to an Audiologist like Dr. Seaborg makes a big difference!

I have better hearing now than I’ve had in years!

10 years of great service

Marsha explains why she selected our practice.

Learn how much Natalie enjoyed working with us!

Marilyn C talks about her Hearing Aid experience.

Richard talks about custom fit and adjustment.

I’ve used the Neuromonics Tinnitus treatment for the past 3 weeks and my tinnitus is half as loud as it used to be on many days. I even had 2 days with no tinnitus for the first time in many years – Charles S.

Hear Paul discuss our integrity and professionalism.

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