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The Audiologists at The Hearing and Balance Center are dedicated, caring, and highly trained hearing specialists who want to help you with your hearing loss. They have a reputation for scrupulous professionalism and genuinely caring customer service. That same quality of care is also found in our support staff.

These are just some of the reasons that our practice came to be Charlotte, NC’s #1 choice for:

  • Hearing Aids – Hearing aids continue to evolve and improve. They are more powerful and more discrete, providing embarrassment-free audio enhancement in a variety of situations. Click here to discover the latest news about hearing aids…
  • Hearing Tests – You can’t fix a problem until you fully understand it. There are a range of tests that Audiologists can use to determine the cause of hearing loss, how extensive that loss may be, and ways to restore and protect hearing for the future. Better hearing starts with a hearing exam. Click here to schedule yours…
  • Balance Testing – Certain conditions in the ear can trigger dizziness and create balance problems, as can medication and certain medical conditions. Balance tests can uncover the hidden cause of this problem and illuminate the best possible solution. Get the help you need by clicking here
  • Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment – While tinnitus typically begins with a hearing loss, it may also be due to neurological changes within the auditory system and brain. A comprehensive health history, along with ‘a Tinnitus evaluation,’ are the best tools for determining the causes and best treatment for tinnitus. Click here to find out how we can help you…

Your hearing is so important! We invite you to let us recommend the hearing exams you need and introduce you to a wide range of assisted hearing devices that can help you hear.

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