How Noisy Workplaces are Causing Hearing Loss

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Going to work should be a source of completion and happiness for people around the world. Jobs not only give the worker money, but provide a valued service to people in their area. However, many jobs come with the hidden threat of hearing damage that can lead to impairment symptoms. Here we will examine some of the noisiest jobs and see how they can impact a person’s health and what you can do to stop this from occurring.

Mining Jobs

Working beneath the earth is one of the most dangerous jobs in the entire world, and it has been for centuries. However, with the advent of heavy machines and explosions used to help clear a mining area, it is also one of the noisiest jobs that a person can have. While hearing protection can help in these areas, the sheer concussion force that some people are exposed to can still cause hearing loss.


Another one of the most valuable jobs that a person can hold is farming. After all, planting and harvesting food takes extraordinary amounts of time and patience. It also requires that the farmer is exposed to several hours of incredibly loud noises as they operate tractors and other threshing machines to complete the jobs in days instead of weeks. Not only is this job dangerous, it can harm your hearing permanently.

Airport Ground Crew

Working around planes can also be one of the most harmful jobs for your hearing health. The constant sound of planes taking off and landing exposes people to sounds that could potentially deafen them if not for the noise-dampening headphones that they have to wear. However, if they forgot them for even one plane landing, their hearing could be damaged forever. S

Military Positions

One of the most dangerous jobs in the entire world is working in the military. Even when you are not on the front line of the battle with bullets and artillery, there are many different ways that you can suffer hearing loss. Between planes and helicopters taking off and heavy machines being used to transport goods, military men and women are subjected to tremendous amounts of loud sounds.

Construction Positions

Another job that can lead to a high degree of hearing loss is construction. Whether you are working to repave a road or hammering on a roof throughout the entire day, there are many dangers that are abound for your hearing. These sounds are not as loud as those which are found in other areas of industry, but the prolonged exposure can lead to severe hearing loss.

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