Earwax Removal – How you’re doing it wrong

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There are many different ways and reasons that people try to remove their ear wax. For some people it can build up and become uncomfortable, and others just like the feeling of clean ears. However, this has led to people going to certain unsafe lengths in terms of cleaning their ears, using completely unsafe methods to clean earwax from their ears. Here we will examine three ways that you are cleaning your ears improperly and then show why professional cleaning services are best.

Ear Drops

One of the most popular ways to go about cleaning your ears is by buying ear drops that you insert directly into your ear canal. These drops can loosen the earwax and allow it to be drained out, but it rarely gets all of the offending material out of the ear. It also leads people to sticking other implements into their ear in an attempt to free the wax. Overall, this is not a certain way to remove earwax.

Earwax Candle

Perhaps the worst way to remove earwax involves candles that are made with a very long wick and is inserted into the ear. The idea is that it will form a vacuum under the right circumstances, and the earwax will be popped out like a plug. Unfortunately, this vacuum fails to form, and people can often injured themselves by lighting a fire next to hair that is drenched in flammable chemicals.

Cotton Swabs

This is usually the first thing that people do when they are trying to clean their ears out. They take a hot shower and then dig into their ear with a cotton swab. They swish it around, see that they have gotten some wax, and go about their day. However, this comes with two major risks for people. The first is that it is easy to push too far into the ear and cause permanent damage to the eardrum. One of the other ways that this can harm your hearing is by pushing more wax deeper into your ear canal, which can form an impaction that causes temporary deafness.

Professional Help

The best way to go about getting your ears cleaned properly is to seek help from a certified audiologist. These individuals are specially trained to clean your ears using surgical implements and diagnostic medicine. This prevents damage from occurring to the ear while you are being treated. Also, they can provide you with a plan that involves keeping your ears from becoming too dirty in between regular cleanings. Overall, this is the best option of them all.

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