5 Unhealthy Habits That Can Cause Hearing Loss

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Many people are unaware of the connection between an individual’s health and their overall ability to hear. There have been many recent studies on this subject, which have proven the existence of such a link between hearing and health. Most people do not realize that there are unhealthy habits which directly link their health to their ability to hear. We will look at this concept in this article and see how you can prevent these negative impacts from occurring.

Not Visiting A Doctor

One of the most important things that you can do is seeing your doctor with some regularity. In terms of your hearing health, they can assess any potential risks that you are exhibiting as well as making suggestions on improving your lifestyle. They can also track changes in your hearing over time so that you can treat them properly and promptly.

Listening To MP3 Players

Many people like to use these music players when they are exercising or if they are stuck in a boring situation. However, every time that you use headphones or ear buds, you direct the sound into your inner ear where it can cause chronic and acute damage with frequent usage.

Sedentary Lifestyle

One of the least likely causes of hearing loss that people can think of is being overweight. However, one of the primary diseases that are linked to being sedentary is obesity and diabetes. Diabetes combined with a high body fat percentage can lessen the ability of your body to circulate blood. This can affect the areas in your brain that are responsible for hearing by depriving them of necessary oxygen and nutrients.


Many people are unaware of the link between smoking and hearing loss, but it is a problem that has increased in recent years. Smoking is an unhealthy habit on its own merits, but the chemicals that are in cigarettes can damage sensors within the ear that pick up vibrations. This will leave you less able to pick up smaller sounds with your hearing abilities. This can also have further impacts on your body’s health.

Hearing Loud Sounds

One of the other unhealthy habits that can cause hearing damage is being exposed to loud sounds frequently. When people go to a concert, for example, they are subjected to a wide variety of noises that can cause long and short term hearing injuries. The loudness of the speakers, video games, or activities such as hunting can all lead to long term hearing damage. This damage is often irreversible and can present a cumulative effect.

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