How Cell Phones Are Revolutionizing The Hearing Aid Industry

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Cell phones can help hearing impaired people go about their day with safety and confidence because they know they can rely on their devices for assistance. One of the latest forms of this technology comes in the form of cell phones, offering a great way to help people suffering from hearing loss. In the following article, we will learn about why cell phones continue to revolutionize the use of modern day hearing aids for those who have varying degrees of hearing loss. So how are cell phones representing a major shift in the hearing aid industry? Well, for starters, they now have state of the art technology to accommodate the growing needs of their hearing impaired customers. For several years, hearing aid devices have dominated the market and have helped hearing impaired individuals hear more clearly every day. That’s still true. But now, cell phones and smart phones are adding to the arena too.

Cell Phone Technological Advancements

To add to the convenience of cell phones, today’s models come with a telecoil that essentially converts important magnetic signals from the phone into sound signals for optimal interpretation. The telecoil and the cell phone basically work together to produce this desired result. It’s a fact that modern day cell phones must meet or exceed a T3 or T4 standard that shows they can handle the power and efficiency that is a requirement in working with modern hearing aids. Thanks to these new advancements, both the hardware and software of cell phones have been bolstered to provide optimal enjoyment for the user. Thus, sufferers of hearing loss can then get a further accessibility range when it comes to their cell phone for the utmost in convenience.

Smart Phones- Leading The Way

Smart phones have been dominating the market with superior technology built right in. Just like regular cell phones, these devices often feature high-level telecoils built into the device itself. This is a revolutionary way of being able to hear better each and every day using a crucial device to today’s communication. Static and noise cancelling technology inherent in the latest models is yet another way that people who use hearing aids are taking advantage of using smart phones. What happens? Using a hearing aid together with a cell phone will not result in feedback or static, giving the user complete clarity while in use. Known as hearing aid capability, or HAC, this means hearing impaired people can learn their device’s capabilities before they spend their hard earned money.
Smart phones have strong components that allow them to run many helpful applications. This aids hearing impaired individuals, making them feel safe and secure in their daily lives. Did you know that some apps have the capability of locating active subtitles for a movie a user wants to watch, or even a syndicated television program on TV? Two other ways in which these phones can also alert users is via a phone call or text with blinking LED lights to garner immediate attention. They can also help through vibrations when a message or phone call or text is received so the user can count on their device to notify them.

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