Costco vs an Audiologist – Hearing Aid Quality and Service Comparison

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Because the trends in healthcare are ever-changing, what with the addition of all the big box stores entering the scene of patient services, you have more options than ever for your ear care. This doesn’t always mean bigger is better, though. Now, you can head into any Costco or Walmart and be treated for a variety of ear care problems, such as hearing aid fittings or evaluations. However, be careful: this so-dubbed fast food approach to ear care has inherent problems because it doesn’t give you the benefits you would get by seeking a trained audiologist who’s a professional in this industry.

High-Quality Products

Avoiding a big box store when it comes to hearing health means you’re not falling for their products, which may be lower in quality. You may get fitted for a hearing aid from a big box store, then get home and realize you were sold a product that is defective in some way, such as with interference or low-quality sound. Of course, this isn’t the case for all those types of stores, but you should still be careful. Rather, see an educated audiologist who can make the necessary adjustments to make the most of your hearing ability. An audiologist’s products tend to be far superior to those you can obtain in one of those big box stores.


Another reason it’s a good idea to make an appointment with a professional audiologist over workers at a big box store? Audiologists are much more qualified when it comes to the anatomy of the ear and ways to treat hearing impairments. They have gone to school to study the inner workings of the ear and have become adept at determining the root cause of your hearing impairment rather than automatically fit you with a hearing aid you may not even need. They are not sales people at heart, like the ones employed by big box stores, so they are truly committed to  giving you the help you need with your hearing problem. An additional benefit? Your audiologist can give you a comprehensive diagnosis on your hearing loss, plus refer you to a specialist to be treated if needed.

Cost Effective Measures

Sure, you may pay a higher upfront cost when you buy products from an audiologist, but this is because they are typically higher in quality. Plus, the cost is negligible when you add in the health insurance coverage. In contrast, big box stores charge more for their hearing aid products. Even if the store sells you a good quality product, they may rope you into purchasing other accessories that you really don’t need, thereby upping the total cost. Your audiologist’s job is not to sell you on unnecessary products but to ensure a higher quality of life in regards to your hearing health.

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