Your hearing health is one of the most integral parts of your overall physical health, but many people inadvertently hurt their hearing by exposing themselves to extremely loud noises throughout their lives. This is no secret. However, it’s coming to the forefront more and more that what you eat can have an impact on your hearing. In fact, doctors have been hard at work identifying improved ways to protect your hearing over the long haul. One such way is to consume certain healthy foods that actually protect you against hearing loss. Here we examine several foods and the benefits they offer your hearing health.

Sweet Snacks

Individuals going through their senior years are exposed to hearing loss as part of a growing health threat. You can do your part to prevent this from happening to you by being proactive and taking a zinc supplement. Even better is to eat dark chocolate, which is also packed with healthy levels of zinc, along with helpful antioxidants that help in other aspects of your overall health. This tasty treat can be used in conjunction with other foods for a well-rounded diet.

Salmon and Other Fish

Salmon and other similar fish are excellent ways to promote your hearing health, particularly as you get older. Why? These fish are chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart health and work to keep blood pumping through your body. Ears loves improved blood flow, which is a crucial aspect for anyone looking to maintain or improve their hearing health.

Go Bananas

Another fruit that’s perfect for preparing your body’s defenses against hearing damage is the good old fashioned banana. Loud noises can be guarded against by ingesting plenty of bananas, which have lots of magnesium. Eat bananas as they are or slice them up on toast or in your cereal to take advantage of the many healthful side effects that improve your hearing ability.

Citrus Fruits

It’s no secret that citrus fruits likes oranges and lemons are good for you, but you may be surprised to learn they’re good for your ears too! They’re loaded with vitamins C and E, which work together to stave off hearing loss in the aging. Along with improvements to your immune system, you can more readily fight off infections such as ear infections that can plague you throughout your life. Untreated ear infections can cause chronic damage and hearing impairment.

Fresh Veggies

Some of the other foods known for aiding in the prevention of hearing loss are fresh vegetables. When you eat fresh veggies — especially broccoli – you are ingesting a lot of vitamins and minerals that combat the free radicals that can cause damage to the tissue in your ears as time passes. So not only are fresh veggies great for your overall health and weight loss goals, they’re also working to help your hearing health even when you don’t realize it. Plus, you’ll enjoy other health benefits like healthy skin and hair.

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